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Zobrazit místo World & Euro Rafting Championships 2012 in Czech Republic, Czech Rafting Festival na větší mapě


Getting There by Car

Take the D1 highway (from Prague or from Brno) until the exit 90 (Humpolec), than follow signs to ŽELIV, road 129. In the ŽELIV city centre turn left and go straight on by main road for about 2 kilometers, cross the bridge, than you will see the Hotel Na Kocandě at your left side and the ascending road in front of you. Still go straight on and in the first right-handed curve, yes, still straight on :-) Simply follow the green line marked in Google map above.

Important update: There is a carnival in Zeliv, so the city centre is closed, but only from Saturday to Sunday. You have to drive by a red line drawn in an attached Google Map above. Last 5 kilometers of the route is a narrow road, so please drive carefuly.

Race Course

Central Europe’s most difficult artificial course perfectly tests the quality of the best crews. However, a suitable placement of obstacles allows also the participation of technically less competent.

Since water to the the artifical slalom course is supplied from a local reservoire which at the same time serves as a drinking water source, races only take place here several times a year. Not even Czech crews have the chance to train on the Trnávka regularly so that the race in no way favours local rafters.

Race Course Parameters

  • Distance: 700m
  • Gradient: 11m
  • Flow Rate: 12 cusecs
  • Depth: 0,9 – 1,3 m
  • Difficulty: WW IV – V

Other activities on the Trnávka

If you decide to visit Trnávka races, there is a number of other ways you can spend your time besides rafting. The artificial slalom course is located in the beautiful nature of the mountainous landscape of the Vysočina and there are many architectonically precious sites in the region. The mountainous terrain is ideal for biking of various difficultness. There is a numer of opportunities for hikers as well. You can also relax in the local natural open air pool.

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